BLACKBALLED was formed in the summer of 2012 by brothers Marshall and Leon Gill. After working together on songs and ideas they were soon joined by Tom Wibberley on bass to complete the line up. the following months saw the band writing at every rehearsal. Each song was barely finished before the next new track was on its way, so it was decided they should start taking steps to make BLACKBALLED a serious venture.


The guys started by asking friend and photographer Kenny Brown to take some shots. A location and image for the shoot was decided and the results were fantastic, but they still had no music recorded so the next step was the studio. Another friend Martin Schofield who owns Wall Of Sound Studios in Oldham offered the guys some recording time. With the band taking on all the recording duties themselves it took a fair bit of time juggling recording sessions to get things finished, and with the help of Tim and Nick at MODO the band have their first self titled e.p. ready for your ears.


BLACKBALLED are building up a strong loyal following with some great gigs under their belt along with some fantastic support shows with the likes of TRIGGERFINGER, STAR AND DAGGER, PHIL X and many others. The plan for BLACKBALLED in the future is more gigs, more miles on the road, more recording more beers and more friends along the way.


Up and coming gigs include:


9 May - RARE GUITAR in Münster, Germany 

10 May - Kaffewirtschaft in Hehlen, Germany 

11 May - Cadillac in Oldenburg, Germany 

12 May - Saloniki in Brelingen, Germany 

13 May - Die Rohre in Moers in Germany 

14 May - Kulturepalast in Hanover, Germany 

15 May - Thav in Hildesheim, Germany 

17 May - Barstard Club in Osnabruck, Germany 

18 May - Eric’s Bar in Goes, The Netherlands 

19 May - Cafe 't Oude Raedhuis in Westdorpe, Netherlands 

20 May - Garage 3 in Sluis, Netherlands 

22 May - Tube Club in Düsseldorf, Germany 

24 May - John Peel Centre in Suffolk

25 May - The Boars Head in Kidderminster

26 May - The Rigger in Stoke


27 May - Strummercamp Festival in Manchester


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