Introducing Kycker!

Kycker is a free online platform that artists can use to develop their own careers, DIY style. Offering free distribution to iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more, along with royalty collection at the click of a button, Kycker is designed to give emerging artists all the tools they need to develop their own careers.

Kycker users also have access to exclusive video content, hosted by high ranking individuals from the UK music industry. Whether you are looking for a manager, trying to get better gigs or improve your music production, Kycker has videos catered to artists of every level.

Kycker is partnered with notable music industry organisations such as Gigmit, Sound City, Pirate Studios and more. Kycker users will be afforded oppurtunities to play festival slots alongside Kycker partners at festivals up and down the country, along with the chance to have their music placed in film, TV and games.

For too long now major labels have held the monopoly on new music, it's time for the independent artists of the UK to take their place among the rest. If you are an emerging artist, and feel you could benefit from free tools, knowledge and oppurtunities, check out and Kyck start your music career! 

Other industry advice

Sally Keys

some excellent advice from the Content Manager of a music learning website.

John Mayoh

Owner of John Mayoh Events

John McLaughlin

Owner of JM Songs

Carl Heyes

Director of Redwall Studios


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