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Hi, I’m Emma Scott and I’ve been in the radio and music industry since 1988 and I must say, it takes quite a lot to impress me these days. Sorry about that - you have been warned!  In my role as a radio presenter and plugger I’m bombarded with new music everyday and asked “is it good enough to be played on the radio?” - and you know what? 9 times out of 10, it’s not.  I know that sounds harsh, but it’s true.  Don’t worry, I’m always kind with my replies and will then give advice on how to improve their chances of getting out of the “we’re just one of thousands of unsigned bands” or the  “that’ll do” mentality.


When I heard about Localmusiclive.org, I was excited!  There aren’t nearly enough exclusive music outlets to help independent musicians get exposure, and this seems like an excellent idea to me.  This really could be a great stepping stone to getting supported by radio stations - and not just the one you listen to.  You could be on hundreds of stations one day.


Well done to you for visiting the site - I’m going to assume that you’re a solo musician or in a band and you want to help build a buzz for your music and start climbing the music industry ladder.  You’re in the right place as your local radio station is getting behind this project and it can only help you by being featured on the site.   


You can upload your tracks, videos, photos and band biography - as well as plugging your gigs.    Add in all your social media links and people can then follow you, like you and generally get behind you!  Once you’re all uploaded,  make sure you spread the word about being on this site too.  


I call this “exposing the exposure” - and more musicians should do it.  Don’t be shy - tell people who you are, where you are and what you've got!


For being on Localmusiclive.org you’ll be under the radar of many new people and also DJ’s, producers and bosses at the radio station - and this will put you in a good position if they happen to need a “house band” to play on their Breakfast show for example - or if they need a local band or artist to perform at one of their local events.


You gotta be in it to win it in this music - game, and websites like these are a great tool to help you expand your brand.


Another way you can get more exposure for your music is by engaging the services of a radio plugger.  It’s a radio plugger’s job to get your music into the ears, inboxes and mailboxes of radio people in the hope that they like what they hear and then support you on their shows.  It’s amazing to hear your own music on the radio - believe me, I’m chuffed every time I hear one of my clients being played.  What a thrill!


There are of course, hundreds of radio pluggers out there -  so why choose my company, Pluggin Baby?  Well, I’m a radio girl through and through.  I have presented and produced thousands of radio shows over the past (nearly) 30 years and I know a good radio song when I hear it.  I can usually tell which DJ’s from my “little black book” will like your music - from listening to just one minute of your song.  I’ve worked for many different radio stations and I have worked with a lot of people that I plug to.  You know what they say “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know…” 


If you’re not sure that you’re at the radio plugging stage quite yet, you may want to “do it yourself” and start sending your music out to radio stations right now.  But where do you start?  It’s a bit of a minefield at times.  Some DJ’s like CD’s, some prefer to receive music digitally, with others you’ll need to upload to their website or register to upload on others.  Some like Soundcloud and Dropbox, others prefer an MP3 attached to an email with some information about the song you’re sending to them.


You can only really get all this information by reading up on a DJ’s show, maybe through their social media pages - or on a radio station website.  You can often glean information on webpages which includes email addresses and submission information.  If you want to get some top tips on getting radio airplay, I wrote a couple of books on the subject….  I’ve been busy huh?!





Firstly, it was Break Your Band: A Guide to Getting Radio Airplay and then I decided to expand on radio airplay and add in information about getting gigs, getting signed, managing your band and making money from your music.  This one is called If It Was My Band… and they’re both available on Amazon at the moment.


I have a couple of websites you can stalk - http://plugginbaby.com and http://ifitwasmyband.com


Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter!  @emma_scott


I hope you’ve found this information helpful.  Enjoy the website and if you want to talk to me about plugging your music to radio - you know where I am!  Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a copy of my books - I know you’ll love them!


Good luck!



Emma xx



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